About Us

About Us

The Lowveld Enduro Club was formed in 2014 by a small group of like minded individuals who had the mutual intention to help promote enduro riding in the Lowveld area. The Lowveld Enduro Club is made up of members who have been on the South African enduro biking scene for a number of years, either as sportsmen or as business people that have extensive experience within the industry. This as been helpful with networking and marking of our events. The members come from all walks of life – from buisness owners to designers, engineers, techniccians, manufacturers and retailers – we have them all! We believe that this has been one of the main reasons that the club has been so successfull and will continue to be.

Lowveld Enduro Club aims to promote enduro riding in the Lowveld area. However, this is not limited to riders from the Lowveld, as we attract riders, pit crew, supporters and spectators from all over the coutry to our highly successful events.

This includes helping the riders to achieve a riding level equal to international standards. They way in which we have chosen to nurture the skills of riders of all ages is by introducing the following: We have 18 classes to help the riders grow and develop their riding skills in enduro. View these options here!


Thank you to our sponsors and partners!